New Album - Porvoo, around one hundred years ago

I'm so glad to share with you one more album of Emil's photos. My Aunt P gave me this little floral one last year (and she gave me the blue one, too, back in 2014 - the largest one is from my grandmother), and as it only features a dozen photos, I'm sharing them all in this one post. Before we leap to admire the pages of this album, I'd like to point out how the cover fabric has faded into this amazing color scheme. The original, below, is pretty too, but I adore how the front cover looks with the muted tones.

I've been told these photos are taken on a trip to Porvoo (that's where our national poet J.L. Runeberg is buried). I couldn't tell from how these photos look, as it's been decades since my last visit there and I'm not that many decades old - also these photos are somewhere around 100 years old, so things have changed a bit. Anyway, I'd love to go back and take some photos there myself. Maybe not ones where I recline gracefully in nature, though; such things are unfortunately very unnatural to me.


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